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Breeder of champions, The Kellys Maltese produces AKC registered purebred champion bloodline puppies. (The Maltese dog is a toy breed.) Please visit our Maltese dogs web pages to see our dogs and learn more about us.
While there, you can learn about the history of the Maltese dog breed and read the Maltese FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about Maltese and answers from The Kellys Maltese). Also enjoy the Maltese dog & puppy Photo Gallery and the Theatre of The Maltese Puppy Videos.
Puppies that are currently available will be shown on our News web page.
Pet Products and Pets Grooming Supplies for Toy Breeds, Maltese Pedigrees, Maltese Boarding, Maltese Grooming

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Along with Maltese dog breeding, boarding and grooming services, we offer an online catalog of Pet Products & Pets Grooming Supplies for toy and small dog breeds, and a custom Pedigree Service specializing in Maltese. Find a diversity of pet products and services, including:
  • Apparel for pets: sweaters, coats, raincoats
  • Books about Maltese
  • Containment: hard & soft carriers, cages & pens, totes, packs, car seats
  • Food: dry food, nutritive supplements, bones, chews
  • Grooming: shampoos, conditioners, combs, brushes, clippers, dryers
  • Hygiene: potty pans & pads; ear, dental & skin care; flea & tick dips
  • Control: collars, leashes, leads, harnesses
  • Miscellaneous: food/water bowls, watering bottles, pet beds & bedding
  • Toys for pets: squeakers, ropes, stuffed animal dolls, wigglers
  • Low Prices -- SSL Secure Online Ordering
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Subscribe to our FREE Maltese Lovers e-Letter to receive periodic e-Letters, or e-mail newsletters, covering tips and topics about Maltese dogs and their care, as well as news about our kennel, our pet products & services, and announcements about updates to our website. Or, you can search and read back-issues in the Maltese Lovers e-Letters Archive on this website.
Maltese Lovers Chat, Maltese Dog Breed Topic Discussion Message Board Web-based Newsgroup
Join a Maltese lovers web-chat online in the Kellys Maltese Chat Room. Or, if you enjoy a public web discussion forum, see our Maltese Topic Message Board--you can post your own messages, post follow-ups or replies to other people's messages, or just browse the web-based newsgroup discussion.

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